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Wenshan Baozhong

Wenshan Baozhong
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Model: Wenshan Baozhong
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Wenshan Baozhong - A favorite of many tea drinkers, Baozhong is a special variety of tea. It combines the light, crispness of a green tea with the floral tones of an oolong. Wenshan is the well known variety of this full flavored tea. The leaves are dried in an open twisted fashion which create a full leafed dry tea. After steeping, these leaves expose their deep green color. This tea stands up to multiple infusions, especially if brewed gongfu style. Use water at about 180 degrees to release the great scent of this coveted tea. A treat for any tea fan. This is the Mainland variety.

lightly fermented deep green leaves brew a balanced cup, floral taste, sweet, memorable

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Wenshan Baozhong
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